Food, Flavour, Fusion
8 March - 21 June 2014
Food, Flavour, Fusion was an exhibition which celebrated the connectivity of food and highlighted the traditions surrounding food in Fairfield three largest communities: Assyrian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Fairfield City Museum & Gallery worked together with a number of community groups to produce this exhibition, including the Vietnamese Community in Australia, Assyrian Resource Centre of the Assyrian Australian Association, Australian Chinese Buddhist Society and the Australian Chin Lien Chinese Association. To access the catalogue, click here

Lost and Found
7 January - 1 March 2014
This exhibition by emerging artist Delia Puiatti explored the shifting yet permanent relationship between objects, time and perception and how nostalgia transforms the everday object into a valuable relic.

Visual Abilities
19 November - 4 January 2014
Visual Abilities celebrates the work of Fairfield City Museum & Gallery's Visual Abilities program participants. Visual Abilities is designed to give people with a disability the opportunity to improve and develope their artistic and creative skills.

See Me Hear Me 2013
24 August - 16 November 2013
See Me, Hear Me 2013 was an art exhibition by people who live with mental illness in the Fairfield and Liverpool Local Government Area. The exhibition, organised by The Benevolent Society, was open to all local people who use art as a part of their recovery journey.

Points of View III: Inspirations around us
29 June - 17 August 2013
A photographic exhibition by Macarthur Community Colllege students. The subject of the images are as diverse as the participants, and reflect the inspirations that they find in every day life.

Caught in Time: A portrait through photographs
6 April - 22 June 2013
In conjunction with the 30 Objects for 30 years exhibition, the Community Space Gallery will feature a display selected from our photographic collection. This exhibition documents the development and history of Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, the surrounding area from the early 1910's to present day. It is a window into our past. Most of these photographs have never been on public exhibition.

Crafting Women's Stories
2 February - 30 March 2013
Featuring examples of Arabic handicrafts, textiles, Crafting Women's Stories provides an insight into the diversity of Iraqi culture and arts. A group of locally based Iraqi-Australian women tell their stories of strength and cultural heritage helping to promote cross cultural understanding.
This exhibition has grown out of a Fairfield City Council Community Cultural Development Gran

Visual Abilities
30 November 2012 - 26 January 2013
A celebration of the work of participants from the 2012 Visual Abilities workshop program.

Across the Waters
13 October - 24 November 2012
Three refugee artists from Burma, Uganda and Pakisan, worked together to create this exhibition that explored memories and connections to the past as their artistic inspiration. Featuring work by Carl Ruhinda, Shazia Khadim and San Fine.

Back to Africa
25 August - 6 October 2012
This work by South Sudan refugee Nelson Nyangole looks at how African culture is sometimes broken down by the power and might of Western cultures, lost and forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of busy city life, and reminds people that they shouldn't forget where they came from.

Points of View 2
14 July - 18 August 2012
This photographic exhibition was the result of 12 months of work by Macarthur Community College students and their teacher, Debra Pearson. The body of work reflected their individual journeys.

My Little World
16 June - 7 July 2012
Taliya Shavoun has been painting and drawing since she was 2 years old. She is passionate about art, and this passion is showcased in her latest exhibition.

Black & White & Inbetween
4 May - 10 June 2012
John Supe was the winner of the Director's Choice from the Fairfield Art Society's 2010 Annual Awards exhibition and was invited to exhibit in a solo show. His predominantly black and white, intricately drawn images provide a visual feast like no other.

Displaced Replies
24 March - 28 April 2012
An exploration of Middle Eastern identity with a former homeland, for persons with a recent history of migration to Australia. This is a travelling exhibition from South Australian community artist Adrian Caon.

Visions of 2012
4 February - 17 March 2012
The works of local and aspiring artist Alex Avila depict the hidden traditions and folklore of different civilizations from across the world.

Visual Abilities
10 December 2011 - 31 January 2012
This exhibition is the culmination of a series of art classes for people with disabilities run by community artist Jo-Ann Kisun.

Fairfield Art Prize Acquisitive Collection
16 November - 27 November 2011
Fairfield City Art Society has held an Annual Art Prize for over 40 years. This exhibition presents an opportunity to view works that have won prizes in the main categories of traditional, contemporary and works on paper. 

My Spare Time
14 October - 13 November 2011
Ben Trejbal won the Junior Director's Choice Award and this is his first solo exhibition. A high school student, Ben depicts pen and ink caricatures and painted graphic symbols in his work.

Chinese Knots
19 August - 8 October 2011
The art of Chinese Knots has a long history in China. The 'Chinese Knots Cultural Project' ran workshops at Canley Vale to help preserve this skill and to teach participants more about Chinese cultural heritage.

Impressions... by Gelnda Carter
8 July - 14 August 2011
In the last two years the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery created an art award - the Director's Choice. In 2010 Glenda Carter, a local artist, won the award, giving her the opportunity to hold her first solo show. Her works are influenced by the impressions and moods of atmospheric conditions on the landscape.

Stories from Africa
20 May - 3 July 2011
The Fairfield City Museum and Gallery welcomes and celebrates the history and traditions of African communities.

Spirit of Hmong
19 March - 15 May 2011
The culture of the Hmong people resonates with curiosity, mystery and wonderment, arising from the many different and colourful tribes that make up the diverse pallet of their culture. We remember the Hmong people not for the roles that they have played in shaping history but the spirit to withstand a violent past and emerge with their optimistic and peaceful nature intact, carrying with them the valuable, intricate techniques of silver craft, needle work, batik and applique that differentiate each tribal costume.

Points of View (MCC Photography Group Exhibition)
1 February - 13 March 2011
During 2010 seven photography students of Debra Pearson worked towards a joint exhibition. The body of work which grew out of these meetings reflects their individual journeys, depicting strong personal style and diverse subject matter - ranging from visual travels within landscape and culture to imaginings.

Visual Abilities
10 December 2010 - 31 January 2011
Visual Abilities is a series of classes which culminate in this end-of-year exhibition, celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities.

My World by Suzanna Vogt
22 October - 5 December 2010
Suzanna Vogt is a local and emerging artist. Part of the Artists in their Studios exhibition held last year, she inspired us with her triptych Isolation Hope and Belonging. This exhibition will be her first solo show and will consist of a series of intimate and peaceful drawings and photographs.

Mandaean Women Create!
3 September - 17 October 2010
The Mandaeans are a religious and ethnic minority who are facing annihilation. This exhibition will showcase traditional works of art and handmade crafts.

Ted Wale - My Artful Century
9 July - 29 August 2010
This exhibition is a celebration of the life and work of Ted Wale, a founding and life member of the Fairfield City Art Society, established in 1961. His paintings and sketches are small gems of art executed in a traditional style and freely drawn from his observations of people and their surroundings.

Surrealistic Worlds by Leon Karla
14 May - 4 July 2010
Leon Karla is an emerging local artist and this solo exhibition showcases his latest surrealistic artworks, made primarily through digital photography.

A Vision of Iraq by Aghnar Niazi
9 April - 9 May 2010
Local artist Aghnar Niazi will showcase her vision of Iraq through the visual arts.

Success over Substance
26 February - 4 April 2010
Success over Substance explores the increasing social problem of excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour among young people. It aims to encourage young people to express their views and explore the underlying triggers through the medium of visual arts. This exhibition was initiated by th Parks Community Network in Wetherill Park, who provide services to Fairfield's communities and aim to develop awareness about excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour.

Folklore Art Group
10 January - 21 February 2010
Folk Art is painting with traditional techniques, using different brushes to form stroke-work that when combined becomes an art form. Every Thursday the Folk Art group meets at Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, and this exhibition presents some of their finest works.

Visual Abilities
1 December 2009 - 6 January 2010
Visual Abilities is a series of classes which culminate in this end-of-year exhibition, celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities.

Fairfield Photographed by the Cabravale Diggers Photo Club
17 October - 29 November 2009
This exhibition demonstrates the talent of more of our local photographers. They will photograph 'their Fairfield,' offering us a lyrical vision of the Fairfield Local Government Area.

Textiles by the Assyrian Australian Association
29 September - 11 October 2009
This textile exhibition will showcase magnificent artworks produced by women of the Assyrian Australian Association who meet each week at Fairfield.

29 August - 27 September 2009
'ART'iculation is an exhibition showcasing artists affected by brain injury. Part of their personal development program, the exhibition will run during the Brain Injury Awareness Week.

Hot House by Linda Brescia
11 July - 23 August 2009
Local artist and art teacher Linda Brescia will showcase her latest artworks combining textile, photography and painting. The exhibition present her humouristic sculptures, always found in unexpected places!

Colouring Our Stories
23 May - 5 July 2009
It is a community developed textile exhibition by local refugee women resulting from 10 visual arts workshops run by Fairfield Primary School.

Juan Gimenez
4 April - 17 April 2009
This exhibition will feature a talented local artist from Uruguay, who works in a variety of media including painting, installations, print media and collage. He has been involved in collective and independent projects and has exhibited in Australia as well as overseas.

Stan Florek
20 February - 29 March 2009
Stan's drawings on paper grow from curiosity and affinity with different people, lands and cultures. The force of seasons and environments fascinates him as much as the drama of human existence. His favourite media include oil, charcoal, pastel and etching.

Individual Expressions
6 December 2008 - 8 February 2009
The works of six Fairfield artists belonging to the Wakeley Art Group are showcased in this exhibition. Each artist gives an individual expression of their craft. Their works are in a broad range of styles including drawing and painting in oils, acrylic and pastel watercolours.

Seeing and Looking
18 October - 30 November 2008
Seeing is a complex process, more complex than just looking and glimpsing at the surface. In this exhibition Nika Norman illustrates how she sees and does not just look.

Fairfield Belongings
16 August - 12 October 2008
Fairfield Belongings features memories, personal mementos and photographs of post-World War II migrants who have settled in Fairfield. Discover how migration changed their lives and – through the cultures and traditions they brought with them – the lives of all Australians forever. A collaborative project between the Migration Heritage Centre and Fairfield City Museum and Gallery.

Sewing Stories
23 July - 10 August 2008
An exhibition of textile works developed through a series of creative workshops by women from the Holroyd LGA.

Hooked Up
3 July -20 July 2008
A project promoting awareness and understanding about peer pressure and bullying through the visual arts.

Lace from the West
31 May - 29 June 2008
An exhibition showcasing handmade lace created by Western Sydney lace makers who have used traditional and contemporary lace making techniques for creating wearable and decorative items.

Fashions of the 1920s
2 May - 25 May 2008
South West Sydney TAFE students produce works and drawings based on the fashions of the 1920s.

Rituals and Traditions - Russian Orthodox Easter
8 March - 27 April
Many symbols of Russian Orthodox Easter, such as intricately patterned Easter eggs, are instantly recognisable. But what about other traditions such as repairing household furniture and making cakes to be blessed at church? Discover why Orthodox Easter is considered the principle feasting day of the Russian calendar.

Rituals and Traditions - Tet Nguyen Dan: Vietnamese New Year
19 January - 2 March 2008
Tet is the most important Vietnamese festival, and 'an Tet' literally means to 'eat the Lunar New Year.' Find out why traditional foods like sticky rice cakes and red watermelon are considered lucky during New Year.